ThornesideUpholstery Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning??

Most of us don’t put much thought in upholstery cleaning Thorneside, couch cleaning or sofa cleaning when they hire cleaning services. Although, have you thought about how much time you spend on the couch, munching away on snacks which is sure to spill over? The time you spend lazing on the couch, definitely needs you to regularly call on cleaning services in Thorneside who have a team of sofa cleaners or upholstery cleaners for upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning or sofa cleaning.

Apart from this, the reasons for residential upholstery cleaning Thorneside are many, like:

Appearance– Of course, this would and should be your primary reason to go for upholstery cleaning. Regular residential cleaning Thorneside by sofa cleaners Thorneside or upholstery cleaners is a way of keeping the sofa looking good plus eliminates the build-up of unwanted substances. It makes more sense to clean your sofas on a regular basis rather than spend money on buying new furniture to replace the old and worn-out ones!

Health – Living organisms are so small that the human eye cannot detect them, which is how, under your nose; they will carve their way into your cosy couch. Now, you don’t want uninvited guests on the couch with you now, do you? Hence, calling on sofa cleaners will help keep them away and at the same time make sure you are healthy. Because cleanliness is always good for health!

Air – A fact that most furniture owners are unaware of is that regular cleaning of the couch is a way to improve air quality in your home. Bad air quality is bad for health and causes various illnesses. So, indirectly, clean sofas means good air quality which means good health! Everyone wants to be healthy, right?

The couch is an integral part of your family because you tend to spend nights with everyone huddled up to watch favorite sports, games or TV shows.

So to clean your upholstery regularly, just call SentinelPlus on 1300 858 060 or mail on

It’s time to invite health, good air quality a nice looking couch to join you on your evening family-time!.