Carpet Stain Or Odour Removals In Thorneside 

For a thorough carpet stain removal and odour removals from the carpets in your Thorneside home, contact the reliable cleaners of the cleaning services in the Thorneside neighbourhood, Sentinel Plus.

We clean carpets like no other. And in that stain removal is our forte. We will be able to transform your overused, worn-out, stained, dirty carpets and give it a fresh lease of life. So as part of our carpet cleaning services that we extend to our customers’ in and around Thorneside, we:

  1. 1. Any and all carpet stain removal is carried out
  2. 2. We help clean soiled, dirty carpets to the hilt
  3. 3. With regular and thorough cleaning, general wear and tear is eliminated and we help increase the lifespan of the carpets. This way, you do not have to frequently invest in new carpets or rugs in your Thorneside residence
  1. 4.If there are any pests, mould or mildew formation, when our cleaners carry out extensive cleaning of your carpets, we see to that all of this is eliminated
  2. 5. Supposing your carpets have not been cleaned in a long time, and you have little kids and/or pets in the house, there will definitely be an unpleasant odour in your carpets, so along with stain removal, odour removals from your carpets or rugs are also done
  3. 6. There are some carpet stains that are not easy to remove or dislodge, in such an event, as part of the stain removal, we include water extraction, or steam cleaning so as to help ease the carpet stain removal

All the carpet stain removal and other cleaning activities are carried out with minimum disruption and with the best, non-toxic cleaning products that is not harmful to the residents and the carpets. And most of all, our results are to be seen to be believed.

For the ultimate carpet stain removal and for complete elimination of carpet stains from your Thorneside residence carpets, just get in touch with the folks at Sentinel Plus. You may call us on 1300 858 060 or you can drop a line to