Carpet Cleaning

Trust Sentinel Plus to steam clean your carpet to its original state

Sentinel Plus will transform your old, worn and dirty carpets into the glorious, clean and healthy carpets they once were! With our professional yet quality carpet cleaning services in Brisbane, you don’t have to heavily invest in getting new carpets for your home, because our carpet cleaners will have your old ones looking new in no time.

Our experienced team can perform the following and more:

  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Soiled Carpet Cleansing
  • Wear & Tear Reduction
  • Mould & Mildew Removal
  • Water Extraction

We are proudly one of the most sought-after carpet cleaning teams in the Brisbane’s CBD due to our ability to lift out dirt and stains, and provide long-lasting results without damaging the fibres. That’s because we combine proven, gentle techniques with powerful, high-quality products and treatments when carrying out our carpet cleaning services.

We never thoughtlessly scrub and scour, which can damage the carpet’s fibre – we simply coax out the stains and debris with expertise, patience and care.

While every carpet is different and treated using a unique cleaning process, we will always ensure that your carpet is dry and ready for use after only two hours! That’s because after vacuuming, treatment and carpet solutions, we always finish the job off with a quality steam-cleaning service.

Make your carpets look as fresh, healthy and beautiful as the day you bought them – get a free carpet cleaning quote in Brisbane today or call 1300 858 060 to book a service.